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We're an online swim community dedicated to inspiring and helping adults learn how to swim. Think you're alone? Think again. As many as 50-65% of U.S. adults can't swim. Stay a while. Have a look around. We can help you find your inner swimmer. Join the Swimmunity®! 

Stuck in the process of learning how to swim? Don't stop! Read these 10 facts every new adult swimmer should know.

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What exactly does Swimmunity® mean? Well, it can actually be a couple of different things. It's the combination of swim + community. Or it can be read as swim(m) + unity. Either way, it gets the job done. Join this community to unite with other adults on our common quest of learning how to swim.

Being a 28 year old non swimmer is comparable to introducing the alien ET to your mom as your new boyfriend. Frankly, the latter might be easier for some people to process. I have been to countless p…

Being a 28 year old non swimmer is comparable to introducing the alien ET to your mom as your new boyfriend. Frankly, the latter might be easier for some people to process. I have been to countless pool parties and lakes with my friends and I have had to explain repeatedly why I am the only one one on the sidelines. The naked truth is that I am terrified of water. I would watch a movie with people swimming and have an actual panic attack. So I have decided to make an effort to learn how to swim sooner rather than later, as an important life skill.

It has been a couple of months now since I have gotten an instructor and I have made alot of progress. I can do a front crawl now, however, I breathe only on my right side. For some reason my left side does not come up enough to get air. I can do a backstroke as well. I want to learn how to tread water, however, this has become a major problem for me because I still panic in the deep end and cannot muster the courage to just "jump in" literally, even with a life jacket on. If anyone has any tips or experience as to how they overcame their fear of the deep end as an adult, I would like to hear about it. If you would like to follow my progress from total non-swimmer I try to write about it here http://learntoswimadult.weebly.com/.  

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Comment by Patrick O'Keefe on May 9, 2014 at 11:18pm

Hi Ker,

Congratulations on learning to overcome your fear and learn to swim. 5 years ago when I entered my twenties I decided to learn to swim and be comfortable in the water, now i love to swim and dive.

It took me awhile to get comfortable in deep water. Some tips for the deep water is start as shallow as you can and always be near a wall or a ladder just in case you need something to grab onto. practice the leg movements holding onto the edge or hold onto a ladder or a noodle/kickboard. I found that doing lots and lots of bobs and being comfortable underwater helped a lot too. Then i would hold onto the ladder let go and sink a little bit, knowing that even if i don't kick i only sink a few inches. With the ladder right in front of me i'd grab it and pull myself up to the surface.

It's not easy and it's a little scary but keep at it and you'll be comfortable in deep water sooner than you think     

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